Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa’s Leacross Landing

Ottawa is a beautiful place to call home and yet there is a continual shortage of affordable home ownership options across the region. In an effort to ensure more families have access to safe places to call home, the Leacross Foundation teamed up with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Ottawa in 2016 to become the Development Sponsor of Leacross Landing.

Leacross Landing

Message from the President – The Year of 2020

2020 started as a wonderful year. I took a sabbatical in November and December 2019 to travel to New Zealand for hiking, rejuvenation, and meeting new people. It was also the 40th anniversary of the passing of a colleague with whom I worked with from Toronto who died in 1979 on the Air Zealand crash that took the lives of 257 people. I had planned to visit New Zealand earlier in my lifetime but the time never seemed quite right. It was an honour to be there as the country commemorated the air accident which hit Mount Erebus at the southern pole in Antarctica.

Leacross Landing Key Ceremony Ottawa

From the President – January 2019

Spring is an exciting time for the creative process and that is evident in the past months events. Join me as I explore educational opportunities for youth, women in stem and how youth see the future.

Leacross Foundation Recipients