What is Sport 3?

sport3 with leacrossSport 3 is a Canadian program that uses sport to improve dialogue and to build better conversational skills. The program offers a unique game play methodology that focuses not on winning, but on fair play, gender equality, teamwork and respect.

By combining three key elements – fun, sport and communication – Sport 3 empowers young people to take responsibility for their actions. Participants work collaboratively before, during and after a match through talking, listening and empathy. The end result is a group of participants who can translate the elements into their everyday lives via improved confidence, mediation and conflict resolution strategies, and enriched life skills.

How does Sport 3 work?

Using trained teachers and approved facilitators, students are taught rules of a sport they will be playing. Once engaged in the sport, the rules will be modified by some of the participants. If a new rule is followed, points are awarded. If a rule is ignored, points are deducted. Rules will constantly change during the game and players will be permitted to rate them as fair or unfair, however, all must adhere to the rules until the end of the match.

Upon completion of the game, participants will discuss the use of the rules. They are encouraged to share impressions about the fairness of the gameplay and the support they received while playing the game. Further discussions often branch into areas of personal reflection, relationships, and issues in society. Thanks to the well trained Sport 3 teachers and facilitators, young people walk away from the program better equipped to openly discuss their experiences and feelings.


Sport3 Overview from Partners for Youth New Brunswick

Partners for Youth New Brunswick is sharing details from the Sport3 Pilot Program. Learn how these champions for youth are building leaders and role models. 

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