Sport3 is a Canadian national program for youth to build better conversations. The program offers a unique game play methodology that focuses not on winning, but on fair play, gender equality, teamwork and respect.

By combining three key elements – fun, sport and communication – Sport3 empowers young people to take responsibility for their actions. Participants work collaboratively before, during and after a match through talking, listening and empathy. The end result is a group of participants who can translate the elements into their everyday lives via improved confidence, mediation and conflict resolution strategies, and enriched life skills.


Key Parts of Sports3

1. Pre-game discussions – Participants discuss and determine the fixed and open rules for the game play.

2. Game play – Short games with small mixed-gender teams.

Mediators replace referees and only get involved to facilitate problem solving when players cannot resolve game-related issues on their own.

Scoring is determined by fair play points and game score.

3. Post-game – Participants reflect and evaluate their adherence to the rules and have the opportunity to award fair play points based on their conduct.


Sport3 is working to create awareness in the following emerging themes which resonate in a fast changing world, where youth are being bombarded with messaging and expectations that create stress and mental challenges.


Ensuring that youth are supported in their engagement, and have a sense of belonging within the community they are in.


Allowing for understanding that all youth have access to housing, food stability, health care, education and acceptance.


Allowing youth to interact, learn and hear from youth from all walks of life and cultures; enabling them to be inclusive of diverse points of view and have open discussions.


Becoming aware of the societal hierarchy and seeing the differences in cultures, social determinants, values and expectations.

The themes are integrated in and facilitated through modules of: Leadership, Gender Equality, Peace Building, Social Awareness, Environment Conflict Resolution, and Health.


Sport3, in partnership with Leacross Foundation, is calling on teachers, school boards, and youth organizations to help equip young people with skills to openly discuss their experiences and feelings.

This program is an excellent value-add to existing programming. Connect with us now to learn more about Sport3 and how to get involved!

“I really liked talking about different types of emotions and how it is often hard to pick up certain emotions but it is always important to understand how you and your friends feel.”

Sport3 Participant

“Sport3’s unique gameplay promotes and teaches youth to work together to collaborate, discuss rules and problem solves in a respectful environment.”

Sport3 Facilitator

“Sport3 engages and challenges the youth in a variety of activities covering many important topics youth face.”

Sport3 Teaching Professional

“I really like the sense of ownership Sport3 gives us on the game. I enjoy making the rules with my team and then playing the game using what we created.”

Sport3 Participant

“Sport3 challenges youth to think about their role in the group and in life. This allows them to recognize what impact they can have in their life and society.”

Sport3 Facilitator

“My students really enjoy taking part in Sport3 and the positive interactions with their peers. Sport3 tackles important issues faced by youth today.”

Sport3 Teaching Professional