One degree of separation. Many of our actions happen without hearing how it affected others. Well, this is one story that defies comprehension. It shows us that when the butterfly flutters its wings, the rest of the world changes.

Recently a former alumnus from Leacross Foundation…a young man who went to the Arctic through Students on Ice, travelled to Nepal to travel/hike. Due to severe altitude sickness, he descended and visited the medical centre for support. While he was there, he met a young medic named Prakash Khatri. When the Canadian mentioned he was hoping to visit an orphanage called Child Haven in Kathmandu, Mr. Khatri indicated that he had been supported by Child Haven.  Donations from Canadians as well as our foundation helped support him as he passed his Health Assistant medical course so he would work with the Himalayan Rescue Association!

The story continues…I phoned Fred and Bonnie Cappuccino, along with Steve and an email to Robin (who was over in Hyderabad) and we discussed the coincidence! Then Bonnie reached out to the Managers at the Orphanage in Kathmandu who have now entered into this lovely conversation, and is waiting for David’s call to visit soon.  While David is there, hopefully he can take photos of the Rose Cottage, built with funds from the Leacross Foundation, and kindly named after me. (Rose-Roslyn).

As President of Leacross, I sometimes don’t see the direct effect, but these stories remind me that we are all connected somehow. We just have to be patient and observant to see these amazing coincidences.

So David visited the orphanage and had this to say.

It was an amazing experience. The staff were hard working, loving and patient and compassionate. The grounds were well maintained and the students had decent clean facilities that provided a solid upbringing. The number one goal is education and that really showed. Although they lacked materials and facilities we have in the west, the attitudes and spirit carried everyone’s heart.  The students were genuinely happy to be at school (unlike some of the moody teenagers at school in the west) and it was very touching to feel how much positivity and joy there was here.

David included pictures of the Rose Cottage. The original is the small building in back, and now the larger structure is being used by older students and staff. This way they have a safe and clean environment to live and work, as apartments and such are very expensive and hard to find.

It is with delight we continue supporting Child Haven, knowing that young minds are being educated and children as safe and well cared for. Nothing else matters.

Roslyn Bern
President, Leacross Foundation