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The Leacross Foundation believes in giving a chance for women and children to learn, to change, and to maximize their potential. We pride ourselves in collaborating with not-for-profit organizations which, through time, have shown sustainability and innovation.

Biomedical Engineering for Women at the Ottawa Heart Institute

Number of Paid Internships: 2

Applicants: Two women in undergraduate or graduate biomedical engineering programs.

Calendar Timing: Applications are reviewed by staff at the Ottawa Heart Institute prior to the May to September internships of each calendar year.

Nature of experience: Interns will have hands on opportunities to work in the Ottawa heart Institute training with experienced staff in many areas of the research hospital. Opportunities for witnessing surgeries and engagement with key technologies allow participants to go beyond theoretical applications.

canadian museum of nature foundation

Canadian Museum of Nature Foundation

As of Fall/Winter 2023, funding has been provided to The Canadian Museum of Nature Foundation (Nature Foundation) for the Canadian Museum of Nature to hire three students in STEM who identify as female – providing them with the opportunity to obtain high-quality professional experiences in natural history collections management over a 16-week term.

dalhousie university

Dalhousie University – Faculty of Computer Science – WeAreAllCS Initiative

The Leacross Foundation provides funding to the Computer Science Faculty’s WeAreAllCS initiative. The Leacross Leadership Program for female-identifying students was established in 2020 to increase diversity in computer science through the attraction and progression of female-identifying students. Following the success of the Leacross Leadership Program for female-identifying students, the Faculty of Computer Science is using this model to increase supports for students from other groups that have been historically underrepresented in computing.

Leacross Entrance & Leadership Scholarships

Toronto Metropolitan University

Women in STEM Summer Internship Program at iBEST

Applicants: Awarded to female-identifying undergraduate students from the Toronto Metropolitan University Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science as a means of support in community and education, and encouraging the endeavours for women in science. The four Research Assistants will be trained and mentored in complex, state-of-the-art, exciting and dynamic environments, providing them with invaluable trainee experience, including opportunities to explore, practice and hone their disciplinary skills.

Leacross Foundation Women in STEM competition page
iBEST Opportunities
Online Application
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Algonquin College

Number of Bursaries: 1 or 2

Leacross Foundation Bursary for Women in STEM

Applicants: Awarded to female students in second semester studying in an under-represented field for women such as police foundations, paramedic, building construction, carpentry and millwork.

Students much have a minimum B average.


Leacross Foundation Bursary

Bursaries available.

rotman school of management

Rotman Business School – University of Toronto

Number of Bursaries: 2 or 3

Applicants: Female students who have demonstrated leadership and interest in under-represented careers for women such as manufacturing, construction, technology or engineering.

Nature of Course: Recipients will be attending Rotman Business School to receive their MBAs either in a-part time or-full time capacity

Calendar Timing: Applications are received from January to March of the calendar year to start school in September.

Application Process: Submissions are reviewed by staff at Rotman Business School, and possible candidates are then expected to have a face to face interview with staff from the Leacross Foundation. Please contact Admissions for more information.


“I am so grateful for the endowment that allowed for this unique learning experience. It was with excitement and trepidation that I accepted this position in a hospital setting, but it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Getting to watch multiple open heart surgeries and taking apart the CT machine are the kinds of incredible opportunities most people never have.”

Tory Frizzell
Biomedical Engineering Internship

“Being awarded a Leacross Scholarship to participate in the Students On Ice 2011 Arctic Expedition changed the course of my life. The opportunity came at a pivotal point in my life and the experience allowed me to meet academics, politicians, artists, historians and elders from across Canada and the world. I am also incredibly grateful for the mentorship and friendship that I share with Roslyn. She has been and continues to be one of my greatest supporters and champions. I am so pleased and honoured to be a Leacross recipient.”

Bridget Graham
BA Honours in Sustainability and Canadian Studies, MA in History, Certified Labour and Birth, Postpartum and Abortion Doula and current Operations Manager at MEOPAR Inc.

“My name is Chiara Concini and I am a first year student at the University of Alberta’s French campus, the Faculté Saint-Jean. Thanks to the generosity of the Leacross Foundation, I was a member of the Students on Ice 2019 Arctic Expedition. Being a part of the Arctic expedition changed my life. I learned about Arctic communities and the northern way of life while also being exposed to students from around the world who spoke different languages and shared different perspectives. This experience uncovered a passion for advocating for the Arctic and started me on the path that I am now on. I am an anglophone student learning about the world in French, and I write weekly about our role as Canadians in protecting the Arctic.”

Chiara Concini
Students on Ice, 2019

“I am immensely grateful to the Leacross Foundation for providing me with the opportunity to intern at the Ottawa Heart Institute. My time there opened my eyes to the amazing work of biomedical engineers/technologists in hospitals. Having the practical experience to take apart complex medical equipment to understand the intricacies of the technology went beyond what I had learned in class. I could hardly believe it when I was given the opportunity to observe open heart surgeries and other cardiac procedures. Thank you Roslyn for making this possible! “

Firdous H

“Leacross Foundation funding provided me access to the unique position of engineering intern at the Ottawa Heart Institute. The direct exposure to medical equipment, technologists, clinical engineering, and the hospital system captured the perfect lesson in biomedical engineering. The leacross foundation taught me more about my field, and the people in it, than most of my degrees. I continue to draw from my experiences at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute during my work at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital as a PhD Researcher.”

Kaela Shea
B. Eng., M.A.Sc., PhD Candidate, 2015 Leacross Alumni