opportunities that create impact.

The Leacross Foundation believes in giving a chance for women and children to learn, to change, and to maximize their potential. We pride ourselves in collaborating with not-for-profit organizations which, through time, have shown sustainability and innovation.

Students on Ice

Number of Bursaries: 5

Applicants: Females from ages 14-18

Calendar timing: Applications are received by Students on Ice depending on dates of travel. They usually accept submissions between January – March of the calendar year.

Application Process: Staff at Students on Ice review submissions, and a short list is then reviewed by staff at the Leacross Foundation. Chosen applicants are contacted by staff from the Leacross Foundation.

The Leacross Foundation supports five girls who want to participate in Students on Ice voyages going to the Arctic or the Antarctic. Students must be between 14-18 years of age and have the capacity to learn, to engage and become community leaders.

Biomedical Engineering for Women at the Ottawa Heart Institute

Number of Paid Internships: 2

Applicants: Two women in undergraduate or graduate biomedical engineering programs.

Calendar Timing: Applications are reviewed by staff at the Ottawa Heart Institute prior to the May to September internships of each calendar year.

Nature of experience: Interns will have hands on opportunities to work in the Ottawa heart Institute training with experienced staff in many areas of the research hospital. Opportunities for witnessing surgeries and engagement with key technologies allow participants to go beyond theoretical applications.

Algonquin College

Number of Bursaries: 1 or 2

Applicants: Awarded to female students in second semester studying in an under-represented field for women such as police foundations, paramedic, building construction, carpentry and millwork.

Students much have a minimum B average.

Rotman Business School – University of Toronto

Number of Bursaries: 2 or 3

Applicants: Female students who have demonstrated leadership and interest in under-represented careers for women such as manufacturing, construction, technology or engineering.

Nature of Course: Recipients will be attending Rotman Business School to receive their MBAs either in a-part time or-full time capacity

Calendar Timing: Applications are received from January to March of the calendar year to start school in September.

Application Process: Submissions are reviewed by staff at Rotman Business School, and possible candidates are then expected to have a face to face interview with staff from the Leacross Foundation.


I am so grateful for the endowment that allowed for this unique learning experience. It was with excitement and trepidation that I accepted this position in a hospital setting, but it was an incredibly rewarding experience. Getting to watch multiple open heart surgeries and taking apart the CT machine are the kinds of incredible opportunities most people never have.”

Tory Frizzell

Biomedical Engineering Internship