Best of Fest 3Roslyn Bern presented the award to Elisa Paloschi, producer and director of the film, shown here with Selvi and her daughter. This documentary is about a former child bride who becomes Karnataka, India’s first female taxi driver.

After the life of the film is over, Elisa wants to make sure that something sustainable is left behind, and that Selvi’s story will continue to impact women and girls across India (and beyond) – in keeping with Leacross foundation’s goals.

Elisa hopes to:
1. Shift attitudes about child marriage and open dialogue about non-traditional livelihoods for women – Grass roots and community screenings.
2. Create training opportunities for women in non-tradtional livelihoods (taxi driving to start) – Partner with NGOs and training facilities and provide training grants.
3. Create jobs in the driving business – Partner with a major bank, CSR and business development org to develop a co-op/umbrella style infrastructure for women to work together. Provide low interest loans to women to purchase cars.

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