The 15th annual Students on Ice Arctic Expedition will be a profound hands-on experience for youth to expand their knowledge of the changing circumpolar world, foster a new understanding and respect for the planet, and gain the inspiration and motivation needed to help lead us to a healthy and sustainable future.

The 2015 Arctic Expedition begins this year in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. After a few days of pre-expedition activities, we fly to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to board our expedition vessel and set sail. En route, we will explore the communities, coasts, fiords, bays, and islands of the western coast of Greenland, Sirmilik National Park, and the Canadian High Arctic. Our expedition will end in Resolute Bay, where we will board our charter flights back to Ottawa.


Leacross Foundation Scholarships – For young women from across Canada who are currently enrolled in high school. These scholarships are generously provided by our partner, R. Bern and the Leacross Foundation.  Apply here!