Preventing Violence

The quality of women’s lives depends on the ability to live with respect, rights, and freedoms. The Leacross Foundation focuses on assisting women fleeing from abuse by donating to local shelters and getting involved with programs related to ending violence against women and children.

The Leacross Foundation supports the following organizations:

  • LOVe (Leave Out Violence)  – This organization works with youth who have witnessed violence, who have lived with violence, and who are trying to learn to live in a world where they can make a difference. Through photojournalism, journaling, and leadership training, the LOVe youth work on outreach programs in their own communities.
  • Healthy Relationships for Youth  –   HRY is a school based violence prevention program offered in partnership with the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and Sexual Assault Services  Association and various school boards around the province of Nova Scotia.
  • Partners for Youth – Making Waves – Making Waves/Vague par vague is a youth driven innovative and successful provincial dating-violence prevention program in operation since 1995.
  • Habitat for Humanity – NCR – Leacross Foundation is a title sponsor for the semi-detached Women Build home in 2015, generously contributing $75,000  to the project.
  • Canadian Women’s Foundation campaign, Move for Hope. Every April, individual donors, local communities and campaign partners, Winners, HomeSense and Rogers Media join together to support shelters for abused women and children. In Ottawa, 8 shelters are supported along with programs that prevent violence against women and children.