We are all responsible for the planet, and organizations which promote healthy environments, along with protection of the fauna and flora, are the organizations supported by the Leacross Foundation.

CPAWS or Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has successfully preserved the watershed in the Nahanni Park region. Leacross was one of the many supporters for this great cause.

The Leacross Foundation also contributed $30,000 to the renovation and enhancement of Forest Edge Field Centre at the MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre, one of North America’s first outdoor education facilities which includes the Pioneer Village. In addition to the classrooms, the Leacross Foundation was pleased to provide funds for collaborative equipment at the centre. The new apparatus allows teams to coordinate efforts to move a wooden structure. School teams and corporate teams have successfully utilized the training mechanism.

Leacross Foundation contributes to the Students on Ice organization which offers unique educational expeditions to the Antarctic and the Arctic.

Students on Ice is proud and excited to offer several fully funded scholarships for their Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Leacross Foundation generously sponsors five young Canadian women on each of these exciting expeditions.
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