Children/Teen Programming

The Leacross Foundation is pleased to help not-for-profit organizations which enhance the lives of children and families.

Grants have been given to help individuals realize their potential in music, art, literature, film, and outdoor education. As schools keep reducing the opportunities for experiential education, the Leacross Foundation has stepped in to expose the young minds to the wonders of their potential talents and passions.

Since 2009, the Leacross Foundation has supported initiatives made by local libraries to bring in authors and illustrators. These skilled individuals facilitated workshops for youth and helped the children create their own stories and illustrations.

Some of the initiatives we’re involved with include:

  • BOYS and GIRLS CLUB OTTAWA – Programming for the Just Juniors in sports and artistic pursuits.
  • CHELSEA LIBRARY – Two weeks of programming with local English and French writers and illustrators interacting with students from local elementary schools
  • CHILD HAVEN INTERNATIONAL – A team spent 4 days filming at at Child Haven’s largest Home in Kaliyampoondi village near Chennai (formerly Madras) and two days at our home in Canada.
  • GIRLS ACTION FOUNDATION – Leading and seeding girls’ programs across Canada –  building girls’ and young women’s skills and confidence and inspire action to change the world.
  • KIWANIS MUSIC and DANCE FESTIVAL – Enhancing children’s lives by exposing them to musical opportunities in their community
  • LOVE – Leave Out Violence Everywhere – Journaling and Photojournalism for teens who have experienced violence in their lives.
  • MacSKIMMING OUTDOOR EDUCATIONAL CENTRE – Allowing children to experience the natural world with full day trips in all four seasons
  • MASC – Bringing artists and children together in the schools and communities
  • PARTNERS FOR YOUTH – MAKING WAVES –  engages youth facing challenges and obstacles in their lives to become capable, connected and contributing members of their communities.
  • STUDENTS ON ICE – Student Learning Expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic. Watch videos »