Photo Gallery

Kathrine Potapov, Julia Richardson, Denise Lee, Vicky Xu, Madeline Toupin

Photos courtesy of Martin Lipman and Lee Narraway

Linda Kristansen & Julia Richardson (Leacross recipient)

Katherine Potapov


From left to right: Andrea Herscovich (co-founder of Pentagen), Tony Bailetti, Roslyn Bern, Esther Anegbe (recent TIM grad), Emily Byron and Kate Denison-Grimes (VENUS Cybersecurity Corp.)

On August 17, 2016 with Child Haven International Director Ms. Bonniema (Bonnie Cappuccino) present, a new temporary shelter home named “Rose Cottage” which means in Nepali “Gulab Ghar”, was opened in Katmandu. It was built with a donation from the Leacross Foundation.20160817_184100 20160817_184206

The cottage has thirteen rooms – seven in ground floor and six in top floor. The top floor was fully occupied by staff members and ground floor was occupied by students.

106_0006 The children were given a choice of clay or paint. Roslyn started with 11 participants and   ended with 30 – all smiling. She showed them colour mixing with acrylics.


L to R: Valentina, Miriam, Roslyn, Claudel, Hélène & Harneet.

Roslyn is pictured here at the 22nd CCGH Conference in Montreal with the Leacross 2015 grant recipients who attended the 3 day event from November 5-7.