The Royal will be hosting its annual Women in Mind conference on Friday, November 6th along with its Public “Girlfriends Guide to Mental Health…” evening on Thursday, November 5th. For more information – click here.

This year’s theme is Violence in Relationships.

Our Friday evening event guest speaker, Attiya Khan, is a young film maker who brings a very interesting perspective to the conversation. From the time she was 16 to 18 she was in a violent relationship and abused daily by her boyfriend. She is now an advocate and counselor for abused women and children and is in the midst of making a documentary film about her story and actually interviews her abuser. For more information – click here.

From a clinical perspective, Dr. Donna Stewart, an expert on intimate partner violence, will provide insight on violence in intimate relationships helping us to look beyond the physical to understand the mental and social impacts that experiences of violence can have on women. She will provide tips on how to recognize when someone is at risk or being abused and how to help them find help to heal.

Leacross donated to Child Haven’s Kaliyampoondi Home’s third building, which has started construction. The Tamil Nadu Government recently passed legislation that makes it necessary to separate the boys and girls different buildings and so a new building to house the girls is beginning.

Parkinson Society Ottawa has been very pleased to receive ongoing support from the Leacross Foundation that once again donated $6,000 to help support our information, referral and counseling program. Over the years, the foundation’s support has ensured that thousands of people newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and those whose condition has progressed to require life-changing decisions, have access to the Parkinson’s specific (more…)