Chelsea Library Event – 2017

Chelsea Library Event – 2017

For the 9th year, the Leacross Foundation has invited authors and illustrators to Chelsea to work with students at the Chelsea Library. Here is author Mireille Messier and Leacross Foundation’s president Roslyn Bern.

MASC Activities

MASC Activities

Professional artist Jamaal Rogers worked with a group of talented youth from Pathways To Education-Ottawa and the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa to create an original song.

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York University Engineering position – March 15 deadline

Position Rank: Full Time Alternate Stream – Assistant Lecturer
Discipline/Field: Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Software Engineering
Home Faculty: Lassonde School of Engineering
Home Department/Area/Division: Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Position Start Date: July 1, 2017
Lassonde School of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, York University
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Women Building Futures

Women Building Futures

Show your support for women in trades TODAY

Mykenzee was living the life she was “supposed” to live: a 9-to-5 office job and a house in her hometown.

The problem was, none of it was satisfying. Mykenzee had always loved machines, but in her family women just didn’t go into trades.

That is, they didn’t until the day Mykenzee graduated from WBF and left town.  Today she’s living her own dream as a heavy equipment operator.

Women Building Futures’ work has always been to give more women the opportunity to experience a rewarding career in the skilled trades.

Part of that work is to give women the confidence and support to step outside their comfort zone.  And we need your help.

Send a message of support with the hashtag #itsherturn on Facebook or Twitter, and let’s show women like Mykenzee they can succeed in the skilled trades.

Students on Ice Expedition 2016

Students on Ice Expedition 2016

Kathrine Potapov, Julia Richardson, Denise Lee, Vicky Xu, Madeline Toupin

Photos courtesy of Martin Lipman and Lee Narraway

Linda Kristansen & Julia Richardson (Leacross recipient)

Katherine Potapov

Women in Technology at Carleton University

Women in Technology at Carleton University


From left to right: Andrea Herscovich (co-founder of Pentagen), Tony Bailetti, Roslyn Bern, Esther Anegbe (recent TIM grad), Emily Byron and Kate Denison-Grimes (VENUS Cybersecurity Corp.)