About Us

Our mission is to educate Women and Children in society. We focus primarily in Canada, with some participation in Canadian charities which service overseas, such as Medecins Sans Frontieres or the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

We hope to have an impact on families in Canada through opportunities which further higher education. We believe that each individual can succeed, if only they can get a little help along the way.

Priorities and Policies

The Leacross Foundation favours a collaborative effort and prefers challenge grants (matching funds) wherever feasible.

The Leacross Foundation can only grant to recognized registered charities in Canada. All organizations receiving funds (be it other foundations) are expected to issue a tax receipt under Canada Revenue regulations.

If organizations receive grants from the Leacross Foundation, documentation is expected from the organizations such as annual reports, distribution summaries and the possibility of site visits. The criteria is done in consultation with the organization and the Leacross Foundation.